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Skyrim OC sketch by FoolishLittleMortal Skyrim OC sketch by FoolishLittleMortal
I usually don't really submit unpolished work, but I need to submit more stuff, so here you go.
I will make better art of him eventually. But for now it will be sketchy stuff.
Yes, you will see more of him.

This guy is my most recent Skyrim character and I'm going to make him my OC.
My other Skyrim characters are pretty much myself, characters based on existing characters, or test subjects for different play styles.

So what makes this guy so special to me?
Let me explain. :> (Warning, too much text ahead.)

It actually started with a little bit of inspiration I got from playing Pokemon.
If you've played Pokemon then you might have heard of this thing called a 'Nuzlocke Challenge'.
It was made to give those games some new life.
You play the game as usual, but this time with a set of special rules. See here: [link]
You must also give them names. And most people also make a comic about their playthrough. Because these are stories that are fun to share.

I have done a Nuzlocke before and it really made the games more interesting. Some of you might remember I once submitted a few comic pages that I never continued. ^^;
I actually did sketch my entire playthrough though. But most of it are loose sketches and not an entire comic.
I don't really feel like making a complete comic. But when I look back at my sketches I do find them enjoyable. Maybe I'll scan them and clean them up sometime. And maybe (no promises) I'll submit them.

But I'm going offtopic now.
I'm sure you can guess about my character by now.
I decided to do something similar with Skyrim. :)

Here are the rules for my survival playthrough:
:star: Race, gender and name must be randomly picked. I used to pick a race and gender by selecting a random number. At the start of the game when you get the race selection screen you start counting from the very top, not the Nord. My number was 3 so I got a Dunmer. As for gender male is 1, female 2. I had 1.
I used this site to get a random name: [link]
I let it pick a few random names until I got a few I liked (might help inspire how your character should look. I saved a few more names just in case I want another character. :B) I also used random names because I'm terrible at naming characters. :XD:

:star: The game must be played at Master difficulty.

:star: No fast travel, carriage or ferry. Walk or run everywhere (riding a horse allowed). That way you are likely to run into enemies. This is supposed to be a challenge.

:star: No werewolf or vampire lord. You may become a werewolf or vampire lord for the sole purpose of continuing the Companions questline or join the Vampire side of the Dawnguard DLC. But you are not allowed to transform.

:star: If any character dies, too bad! No reloads. But that NPC was too stupid to run away from that dragon, bear, troll or mudcrab! Too bad, they should have run. But a quest giver died! Too bad, you just failed a quest. But a merchant died! Too bad, time to find a new shop for selling that loot. But I like that character too much! Well I hope you are a master conjurer and know how to Dead Thrall them. But that was my husband/wife! Too bad, you're all alone in this big horrible world now.

:star: Exploits, cheats and console are forbidden.
No Dawnstar chest
No attacking (almost) unkillable NPC's for the sole purpose of leveling up skills.
No spamming spells if you only need it once. (No spamming 'courage' or 'soul trap' on anything)
No follower trainers. You can have them as your follower or let them train you, but you cannot take their money back.
There's probably more, but you get the idea.
I only allow console if I were to somehow get stuck somewhere or to fix a glitch.

:star: If you die, it's game over!
So be careful.
reloads only allowed if you accidentally fell off a cliff because you were standing too close to the edge when enjoying the view or when a stupid follower pushes you off. If an enemy pushes you off, tough luck. If you get shouted off something and die it's also game over. Yes, even by the Greybeard. Better not visit them anymore.
Reload allowed if you die because of a glitch.

If you play on a pc who can't always handle the game well and was too slow in response to your command that could have saved you then a reload could be allowed. (It happens a lot that I want to open the menu to get a potion and then I end up with the steam menu instead because I accidentally also held down Shift. >:C
Then I have to close that menu, which gets me back in the game and re-open the right menu. But in that second it takes to get to your potions you might get hurt or killed. I hate that.)
I'm thinking of adding a 'mercy rule' that I can't be killed by a cinematic kill. Simply because you can't do anything when that happens, while normally you might have been able to use a potion... (I once took a potion right before such a kill. After the animation I still had health... but I was dead anyway. Wtf Skyrim? No, this was not in this playthrough, but it just goes to show how lame it is.)


Btw. His name is Santino Antonino. :)
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DarkDragon77 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Awesome character~! :D And I actually like the unfinished look!

My main OC is a friendly (and a weee bit crazy) Argonian who specializes himself in heavy armor and swords. A bit different than the average stealthy Argonians... but meh... I like out of the box characters.
FoolishLittleMortal Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I also tend to go with heavy armor and swords mostly. But I also use a lot of archery and conjuration. :>
And I always use the crafts. Making your own armor, potions and enchantments is the way to go. :)

This OC really relies on his stealth and archery. Detection could mean his death. If he gets detected he uses conjuration and then usually runs and cowers behind a rock. :D
But despite using sneak and conjuration (and looking kinda scary), he is not bad or evil. It's just his way to survive. He's actually quite friendly. Not planning on joining the 'bad guilds'. :)
DarkDragon77 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ah yeas, smithing and enchanting is fun! However, I never really got into alchemy... I do have a mage character that uses alchemy but I always forget to pick up the ingredients to make potions, and end up buying everything instead xD

Sounds cool :D I guess you role play a lot when your gaming? I do too! I always think of a backstory and personality... makes gaming so much more fun! The Nuzlocke Challenge sounds very interesting! I think I'll gonna give that a go one day, sounds like fun.
FoolishLittleMortal Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I never really got into alchemy either. I always leveled it to 100, but usually only through training and making super expensive potions (Giants toe, bear claws and hanging moss).
But in this playthrough I decided to level it up and actually use it. And I must say it really fun and your own potions will eventually be much better than what you can buy or find. Plus most ingredients can be found for free. And potions can sell for lots of gold. :>
And with potions you can make your smithing and enchanting much better too.
Profit, profit, profit. :D

I sometimes kinda roleplay. Especially now. :>

Nuzlocke is pretty fun to do. but I also love reading other people's Nuzlocke comics.
SlayerSyrena Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Professional General Artist
Oh wow, he looks pretty creepy ...
FoolishLittleMortal Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:C *hugs him*
He may look kinda scary, but he's nice. :>
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